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July 7th, 2011 12:00 PM by Uletas Greene Carter

I want to say thank you to an AWESOME Team for your help in closing one of the most challenging real estate transactions of my career. Thank you to Attorney Susan Holliday, Probate, Real Estate and Tax Law Firm, for going into court at the 11th hour on an ex parte order to resolve a deed issue; Judith Hernandez of Unique Escrow for paying attention to critical details; David Bravo of Lawyer's Title for quickly responding to my numberous requests for various documents; to Michael Lloyd, President and CEO of Mutual Realty Consultants for his guidance, knowledge, accounting expertise. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making it to the Finish Line.

P.S.: A special thank you to my client Andrea T. Perdue for your confidence in my ability to close the deal and open another door for you.

Call me for all your real estate needs.  Uletas Greene Carter, 626-388-1500.

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Posted by Uletas Greene Carter on July 7th, 2011 12:00 PM



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